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  • Yoga Mat Basic – 4mm

    The popular, standard and eco-designed yoga mats for next-to-skin comfort. The economically-priced 'Basic' yoga mat has a sturdy, non-slip surface, is light and the material is extremely durable.

    Dimensions: 183 cm x 61 cm x 4 mm
    Weight: approx. 1.1 kg
    Material: Phthalate Free PVC

  • Studio Yoga Mat Lightweight- 3mm


    Ideal for studios or intensive home use. The 3mm mat is for those who prefer a lighter and thinner mat.

    Dimensions: 60 cm x 183 cm x 3mm
    Weight: approx. 1 kg
    Material: Phthalate Free PVC
  • Yoga Kit Bag

    The bag will comfortably accommodate 4 full blocks, 1 mat, 2 bricks, 1 blanket and 1 belt. The bag is equally suitable for those wishing to carry a mat, towel & practice wear to the gym.
    Dimensions: 62cm x 22cm x 22cm
    Material: 100% cotton
    Color: Black, blue, red, teal
  • Deluxe Yoga Kit Bag


    The lightweight and spacious design of this Deluxe Yoga Kit Bag, makes it deal for carrying all of your yoga essentials and can accomodate; 4 blocks, 2 bricks, 1 belt, a blanket and a yoga mat.

    Dimensions: 62cm x 21cm x 23 cm
    Color: Blue, Pink

  • Deluxe Yoga Prop Bag


    This bag is the perfect size for carrying your yoga mat, props and accessories to and from your yoga class. Numerous, generous sized pockets and a key fob means that you can stash your mobile, keys and purse or wallet safely out of sight whilst enjoying class!

    Product details

    Dimensions: 83cm x 20cm x 30cm
    Material: Jute outer cover, 100% cotton lining.
    Color: Green, Orange

  • Manduka – Local Mat Carrier


    With a timeless heritage style, comfortable carrying strap, and spacious dual-zippered compartment, it's the ultimate high-performance, everyday yoga mat carrier for the studio and beyond.

    • 28″ x 6.5″ x 6.5″
    • J-zip design for easy mat insertion.

  • Manduka – Be Ready Tote


    The Be Ready Tote functions as a classic shoulder tote or as a modern fold-over crossbody bag, and comes with an elegant, zippered coin purse. Be ready to move effortlessly from work, to dinner, to play, and across all aspects of modern life.

  • Manduka – Go Steady Mat Carrier


    Manduka®’s GO Steady mat carrier is ready to transport your practice to the next level. Separate compartments will keep your mat, clothing and personal items organized and protected.

  • Yoga Mat Pro – 6mm


    The perfect tool for yoga and pilates. Extremely skid-proof and eco-friendly yoga mat for exceptionally high requirements. No polyvinyl chloride and no rubber, recyclable with zero odour.

    Dimensions: 183 cm x 61 cm x 6 mm
    Weight: approx. 1.3 kg
    Material: TPE

  • Jade Harmony Mat


    Our most popular mat, the Jade Harmony Mat, is providing great traction and cushion while still providing stability for standing poses. The Harmony mat comes in a variety of fun and soothing colors.

    Dimensions: 61 cm x 173 cm x 4.5 mm
    Weight: 2 kg
    Material: natural rubber

    *JadeYoga plants a tree for every mat sold.

  • Studio Yoga Mat – 4.5 mm


    The original Studio Pro mat with the most popular thickness, which offers the best cushioning, slip resistance and durability making it ideal for Studio or intensive home use.

    Dimensions: 60 cm x 183 cm x 4.5mm
    Weight: 1.5 kg
    Phthalate Free PVC

  • Hook & Loop

    Fastening strips for yoga mats – in many colors!
    Dimensions: 55 cm x 2,7 cm
    Color: Green, Light Blue, Orange, Bordeaux, Yellow, Blue, Red
    Suitable for  all yoga mats
  • Jade Travel Mat


    The Jade Travel mat is great for yogis on the go, and for those who like closer contact with the ground, along with a little cushion!

    Dimensions: 61 cm x 173 cm x 3 mm
    Weight: 1.5 kg
    Material: Natural Rubber

    *JadeYoga plants a tree for every mat sold.

  • Jade Voyager Mat


    The Jade Voyager mat is extra thin and extra light and folds up to about the size of a yoga block to fit into your suitcase or backpack.

    Dimensions: 173cm x 61cm x 1.6mm
    Weight: 680gr
    Material: Natural Rubber

    *JadeYoga plants a tree for every mat sold.

  • Jade Harmony Mat – Two Tone


    Extra long 180 cm Two Tone mat available in colours: Lavender over Purple mat, Slate blue over Midnight and Chili Pepper Red over Sedona Red.

    Dimensions: 61 cm x 180 cm x 5 mm
    Weight:  2 kg
    Material: natural rubber

    *JadeYoga plants a tree for every mat sold.