What comes to mind when you think about YOGI TEA®? Probably the tea tags with inspiring maxims and the emblematic teacup on every tea box, like our bestseller YOGI TEA® Classic.

We would like to grace your teatime with a limited edition premium quality teacup. The very same teacup that you see on the boxes of YOGI TEA® Classic, to be precise.

The theme of the Classic Cup holds special meaning for YOGI TEA®: the magnificent temple “Harmandir Sahib” (Golden Temple) in the North Indian state Punjab. Yogi Bhajan, a master of Kundalini yoga and inventor of the original recipe of YOGI TEA® Classic, devoted several years to Karma yoga at the Golden Temple. There he learned and taught much on healthy living and how to use selected herbs and spices.

This limited gift set comes with two boxes of YOGI TEA® Classic and the timelessly elegant cup.



Yogi Tea


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