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  • Round Patterned Zafu


    The round shape of our zafu cushion is the traditional design for meditation. Our deluxe round patterned zafu has a beautiful patterned design of the seven chakra’s and is filled with buckwheat which provides a stable platform whilst conforming to your body shape.Perfect for zen meditation.


    Material: 100% cotton filled with buckwheat hulls.
    Size: 36 cm (dia) x 15 cm (H)
    Weight: 2.6Kg

  • Organic Cotton Yoga Bolster


    Bolsters support the body to help promote relaxation by providing support and grounding to prevent strain from over stretching. Our Yoga bolsters are covered with a removable organic cotton cover and are deep filled with 2kg of manmade fibre for a firm feel, whilst offering a little give. The bolster is completed with a convenient carry handle.

  • Bolster


    It’s filled with buckwheat hulls providing firm support which moulds to you body shape and will not break down over time.

    Size: 23cm x 61cm
    Weight: 4Kg
    Material: 100% cotton, machine washable & zipped inner and outer; with 100% buckwheat hull filling.

  • Pleated Round Zafu


    The round shape of our zafu cushion is the traditional design for meditation cushion. Our zafu cushion is pleated for extra strength and comes with a carry handle making it easy to transport. Plus, you can easily adjust the amount of filling inside the cushion with the use of a concealed zip.

    Material: 100% cotton twill cover with zip access to allow top up; filled with buckwheat hulls.
    Size: 35 cm (dia) x 18 cm (H)
    Weight: 2.5Kg

  • Pleated Crescent Zafu


    Our crescent-shaped zafu cushions fulfil the same purpose as a traditional round zafu, though the crescent shape provides more support for your upper thighs, which some find more comfortable.

    Material: 100% cotton drill cover, double stitched for extra strength with zip access to allow topping up and carry handle.
    Filling: 100% cleaned and graded buck wheat hulls – grown without use of pesticides or fertiliser. Heat treated to ensure no bugs!
    Size: 43cm x 30cm
    Weight: 2.5Kg