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  • Mandala Patterned Yoga Mat Bag


    Carry your yoga mat in stylish comfort to and from your yoga class with the The Mandala Patterned Yoga Mat Bag. The wide and easily adjustable strap and a concealed zip means you can easily swing this bag on your back and commute to your class on your bike or walking. Super comfortable and stays in place on your shoulder with the bonus of being made from eco-friendly jute & cotton material.

  • Yoga Mad Buckwheat Bolster – Mandala


    It’s filled with buckwheat hulls providing firm support which moulds to you body shape and will not break down over time.

    Size: 23cm x 61cm
    Weight: 4Kg
    Material: 100% cotton, machine washable & zipped inner and outer; with 100% buckwheat hull filling.

  • Yoga T-shirt Mandala

    30.00 21.00

    100% cotton tank top  for your practice and daily life.

    mandala, mʌndələ:  – a circular figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism – (in Jungian psychology) a mandala as a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity.