Yoga Bolsters are used to support the body allowing you to relax and stretch without straining. Asanas where bolsters are particularly useful include Adhomukha Virasana (Downward facing hero pose) and Viparita Karani (Inverted lake pose). However they can be used in conjunction with other props to provide elevation, cushioning or support in many other asanas. Sand bags are used to deepen postures and to assist in stretching.

Use a yoga bolster to help you achieve deeper relaxation, help prevent overstretching, support & ground into asanas or air in alignment and opening the body in your yoga practice. Buckwheat Bolster is filled with buckwheat hulls providing firm support and grounding which moulds to your body shape and will not break down over time, plus it’s an eco-friendly material!

The cover is made from 100% cotton with a mandala printed pattern. The zipped inner and outer covers mean you can fill or remove the buckwheat for your comfort, as well as making it easier to wash the outer cover!

  • Carry handle
  • 100% cotton and zipped inner/outer covers
  • Complies with UK Furniture & Furnishings Fire Regulations
  • 100% eco-friendly buckwheat hull filling
  • 61cm (L) x 23cm (DIA)
  • Weighs 4kg
Outer Cover Washing Instructions
  • Hand wash cold
  • Line dry
  • Do not put through a machine wash or spin cycle as this may damage the cover
  • Wash separately
Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 61 cm

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