Crescent Zafu Simplygreen

The Crescent Zafu Simplygreen cushions fulfill the same purpose as a traditional round zafu. Though, the crescent shape provides more support for your upper thighs, which some find more comfortable. Also, being approximately two thirds the size of a round zafu, makes it relatively lighter and more convenient to store and transport.

The Crescent Zafu slopes from 7.5 at the back to 4.5 at the front. This, ensures you pelvis remains above your knees, which is essential for comfort.In addition, the cushion is pleated for extra durability and is filled with natural buckwheat hulls, which conform to your body shape perfectly whilst providing a stable platform to sit on. The cushion comes with a  handle for easy carrying. Finally, a hidden zip allows you to add or remove buckwheat hulls to adjust the loft to suit you.

Care Instructions

Only the outer cover can be cleaned. Cold wash. Line dry. Machine wash gentle spin cycle, as this may damage the cover. Wash separately from other items.

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Weight2.5 kg

Aubergine, Forest Green


Simply Green


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