Goloka Incense Seva Trust promotes and maintains the valuable art of incense making, using purely natural ingredients. The trust also conducts in-house research to develop varieties of non-toxic user-friendly incense and related products. Goloka Nag Champa maintains the valuable art of incense making known as Agarbatti Hand rolled and crafted in India using only naturally grow organics in a clean, sterile, healthy environment. Goloka Nag Champa packaging is made from recycled materials and the incense is wrapped in wax paper, free of plastic and any other unnatural materials. No animal by-products are used in Goloka Nag Champa’s creation.

  • 15 gms per Pack (15 sticks of incense)
  • Made in India by Charitable Goloka Seva Trust
  • Traditionally Hand Rolled Masala Incense
  • Use creating the perfect mood
  • Packaging is recyclable

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