Handmade Sleep-Meditation Mask

Handmade Sleep-Meditation Mask filled with lavender blossom, rice and linseed. The pad adjusts gently to the curves of your face with very light pressure. As a result, it offers relieving tension and calming the muscles around the eyes. Also, it relieves fatigue, headaches and soothes the tired nervous systems. Moreover, it facilitates inspiration. Finally, it is suitable for sleep, meditation, brief break at the office and travel. They are handmade and are ideals for gift to yourself or your loved ones.


Lavender Blossom: Promotes relaxation and tranquility, to give you a restful sleep

Rice and Linseed: help in reducing pressure, help skin circulation and ease inflammation

Monogrammed initials can be placed on the top left corner of the cushion, to make it more personal. Alternatively, a company or business logo can be imprinted.

Note: after 6 months or 1 year, depending on usage, the healing cycle is complete. It is then recommended to bury the mask in nature (e.g. garden, countryside).

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