Indian Glass Mala

The Indian Glass Mala is an Indian hand-made mala. As soon as it consists glass stones in different colours, it is a piece of jewellery to bring joy and positive aura to the one wearing it. Also, they traditionally hand-knot their ties and infuse them with love and blessings.

In yogic culture are using mala, since ancient times, as a traditional tool for prayer and meditation. It is a necklace with seeds or semiprecious stones of different colors and materials. Moreover, each mala signifies something different for each person that wears it. It consists of 108 beads that end up in a larger, the 109th, which we call a guru bead and dedicate it to the spiritual guide of the holder. The great spiritual masters of the world believe that meditation, yoga practice or other rites, activate and strengthen the mala we are wearing. That happens because during our use, it absorbs this high vibration and is empowered with restful, centered awareness. In addition, by wearing the mala throughout the day, we carry and impart this meditative energy to our daily activities.

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