YOGI TEA Christmas Tea

YOGI TEA celebrates the most festive time of year with an Ayurvedic tea blend. Herbs and spices including rooibos, cinnamon, vanilla, orange, cloves and star anise compose the YOGI TEA Christmas Tea. Also, it contains cinnamon and cloves come from Sri Lanka. In fact, there, YOGI TEA supports the educational program of our cooperating farmer society “Medadumbara Organic”. Moreover, this program enables children to attend school and university and thus opens the door to a brighter future.

Ingredients of YOGI TEA Christmas Tea


Today rooibos, also known as red bush and belongs to the pulse family, is exclusively grown in the Cederberg mountains in South Africa. The plants grow up to two metres tall and are only harvested once a year. Rooibos tea is produced from its leaves, and is the mild, fruit and slightly sweet-tasting national drink of South Africa.


Cinnamon is among the most expensive spices in the world and they supposedly already used it as a spice in China in 3,000 B.C. The cinnamon extraction comes from the bark of the South-Asian cinnamon tree. It has an aromatic-sweetish taste. Furthermore, it contains valuable essential oils.


We already know liquorice since ancient times. Its sweetening power is about 50 times stronger than that of sugar. It tastes mild-sweetish and bitter-tart.


In the Middle East and Asia, use the gentle, sweet-tasting coriander in just about every dish. Firstly, because of its magnificent aroma that resembles an aromatic-spicy blend of mint, nutmeg and orange. Secondly, coriander is full of nutrients. They even refer it to in the Old Testament as a medicinal plant.

Star anise:

The origin of its name is easy to see in the star-shaped fruit of the true star anise. In contrast, it is not so easy to see all of the essential oils that it conceals in it. The fruit of the evergreen tree taste sweet, slightly peppery and evoke the taste of liquorice.


Whether in the Christmas biscuits, as a curry mixture or in lemonade, the bulbous ginger fits perfectly i n any of these. Also, it is among the best-known spice plants in the world. For thousands of years, it has been cultivated in the tropical heat of eastern Asia. It gives many of our Yogi Teas a fruity-hot and aromatically spicy taste.

Black Pepper:

Also called the “king of spices,” black pepper is one of the world’s most important spices in addition to salt. It originally came from the Indian Malabar Coast and tastes intensive-spicy, ranging from slightly spicy to quite spicy.


Cloves are the flower buds of the clove tree and primarily familiar as a spice for both sweet and salty food in the European part of the world. They belong to the myrtle family and have an intensive spicy aroma. They were even worth their weight in gold in both old China and Egypt.


This annual plant thrives in Asia and southeastern parts of the Mediterranean Sea. People adore its sweet-tasting fruit for thousands of years. People used to present aniseed as a sacrifice to the Gods. Nowadays, we use it in cakes, Christmas baking and as a delicious herb in many YOGI TEA®s.

Chichory (roasted):

In Germany know the chichory by the name ‘Wegwarte’, meaning “watcher of the road”. That’s because it commonly grows beside roads with its sky-blue petals. Chichory belongs to the daisy family and is native to Europe, Northwest Africa and West Asia. Moreover, the petals of this plant, only open for one single day. Its roots have an aromatic and spicy flavour, resembling the taste of coffee.

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