YOGI TEA For The Senses

The new YOGI TEA For The Senses creations contain the sensuous scents of precious essences. Also, the careful combination with herbs and spices, brings to life very special tea experiences. So, let yourself be enchanted!

What essential oils are?

Essential oils are the “essence of plants”, captured in liquid form. They are produced and stored in different parts of the plant such as the blossoms, leaves, but also in bark, roots or resin. Extraction is by careful pressing. Due to their high concentration, essential oils are particularly aromatic and very precious.

The essential oils used for the teas are:
  • authentic – as they only contain the oil of the plants listed.
  • pure – because they have no synthetic additives.
  • single-origin – as they are not diluted with other oils.

All ingredients are 100% organic.

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Pure Freshness, Pure Happiness, Good Night, Peaceful Moment


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